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Lemon doesn’t look pleased by the turn of events in this episode at all.  Other random thoughts: we’re totally over George & Zoe, and please don’t let George and Lemon have any scenes together.  Also, screw Ruby & get Lemon and Lavon back together asap, please.

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The Vampire Diaries: The Memorial Photo Recap

“The Memorial” was one hell of a ride, you guys. By that, we mean that we were bawling at the end of it, but that’s come to be expected when watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries. We’ll do more of a traditional recap this time, mostly because we just want the whole thing imprinted in our minds from now until eternity. It was that good.

Here’s our most important insight into this episode: Stefan got an Android phone?! What a downgrade.

The episode started out with an interplay between Stefan and Damon bickering over how Elena should feed (and we love bickering Salvatore brothers) and Stefan and Elena in the forest, where Stefan was showing her how to feed and do other vampy things like run fast.

The interplay was really well done. Basically, Damon thinks that Elena should eat from humans because she needs to experience bloodlust in order to know how to control it, and that if she goes off the rails, which she will certainly do at some point, it would be good for her to do it sooner so that they can get her back on path quicker. On the other hand, Stefan thinks that if Elena kills someone while feeding, which she will definitely do because she’s new, she’s going to feel so much guilt and hurt (since compassion is her Achilles’ heel), that she’ll flip the switch on her humanity. Elena decided that she has to give the bunny diet a try first.

In the woods, Elena got distracted from learning how to use her vamp-tools because when Stefan touched her, it was like he was touching every nerve in her body, which led to some attempted vampire on vampire sex. Unfortunately for all involved, it was interrupted by vomiting. Elena apparently can’t keep down deer blood.

Then we met our new big bad vampire hunter, Connor, who was investigating the explosion. At the house, which wasn’t secured, he found a completely unharmed letter from Pastor Young to April, his daughter….in the oven. It was weird.

Liz confronted Damon to find out if he blew up the council, but he reminded her in a way that only Damon could that he wouldn’t have blown up the house—he would have had a dinner party. At that point, Connor came in and requested more information about the explosion because he was an independent contractor. Newsflash, Liz, he has to be independently contracted with someone with authority to get access to your files/investigation. You don’t just let people with no authority barge into law enforcement investigations.

Jeremy and Matt were hanging out when April, Pastor Young’s daughter, rocked up in her new role on the show. It was kind of hilarious because she was pretty jovial about that whole dad died in a gas explosion thing, kind of like, “Yep, he’s dead! Woo…?”. At least she attempted to explain it away by saying that she wasn’t “much for grief.”

Stefan attempted to celebrate Elena’s first feed with champagne, but they got interrupted when Damon called on Stefan’s new Android phone. We guess his iPhone was destroyed when he saved Matt and he didn’t have AppleCare?

Elena showed up to the Grill and went to sit beside Damon, who told her that the seat was taken. When Elena protested, Damon created a wave of nostalgia for Matt Davis/Alaric when he said that he had to pretend that the seat was taken because the alternative was too damn depressing. We feel you, Damon, we feel you.

Elena then explained to Damon that she wasn’t able to keep down the animal blood and asked him for his help. He took her into the bathroom and let her drink his blood, but with strict instructions not to tell Stefan because “bloodsharing is kind of personal.” Also, it’s kind of hot.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler were trying to get it on, but Caroline was protesting because too many people had died. Tyler tried to cajole her into it by telling her that it was grief sex so it was healthy. Besides, if they didn’t have sex anytime someone died in Mystic Falls, they’d explode.

About that time, though, Connor knocked on the door. He is just so rude, yall. First, he forced himself inside over the mayor’s protests, and then, when Tyler tried to greet him like a proper person, he shot Tyler. Those are just terrible manners. Someone’s mother didn’t raise him right. Tyler managed to get away though—by jumping through a closed window rather than the open door that was two feet away. But hey, jumping through the window looked cooler at least.

At the memorial for the council, Elena (who was wearing a gorgeous dress) had a conversation with April, but she was forced to leave rather abruptly after she honed in on April’s pulsating wrist. She ran to the bathroom and proceeded to throw up all over the ENTIRE bathroom. We’re not even sure how this is possible, given that even drunk people in college dorms seem to be better able to control their vomit than she could. But then again, she’s throwing up blood that she now relies on for survival, which is kind of gross so maybe it’s justified. Who are we to judge?

Stefan took the bullets that Tyler was shot with, which were wooden and had weird writing on them, to Bonnie. It was nice to see Stefan comfort Bonnie, who is obviously not going through a great time, given that she managed to kill her Grams a second time. Bonnie also mentioned Jamie—are we supposed to think that he’s still around? He’s not, is he?

Back at the memorial service, Elena called Damon to bring her a change of clothes and to help her out of the blood situation. Unfortunately, Connor was lurking by the bathroom to see what was going on. Really, yall, he’s so incredibly rude—everyone knows that if someone is having some stomach-related issues in a public bathroom, you leave them alone, not stalk them. So embarrassing. Geez.

Damon took Elena outside and gave her blood from a blood bag, which also made her sick. Damon thought that Elena might have been rejecting her transition because she needed to feed from the vein—unclear what difference that makes, but we’ll go with it.

Stefan saw this conversation and he and Damon got into it again over how Elena should be feeding, and Stefan emphasized that he couldn’t let her become anything like him. Damon countered that what Stefan really meant was that she couldn’t become anything like Damon.

Damon got such joy out of telling Stefan that Elena hadn’t been able to keep anything down, including his won blood. Damon might as well have just punched Stefan in the stomach—it would have had the same impact. That being said, if sharing blood is so personal between vampires, why haven’t we seen any of them drinking each other’s blood before?

Connor stabbed April and put her in the overflow area in the upstairs part of the church, where he had a bird’s eye view of the event. Apparently, it worked as a two-way mirror of sorts because none of the numerous people facing the congregation at the funeral saw the big guy pointing the rifle at various people during the funeral. We’re pretty confident that the choir at most churches would stop singing to point out the sniper in the balcony area, but maybe Mystic Falls is just used to that sort of stuff, you know?

Also, we feel comfortable with the following premise: your ability to hate vampires for hurting humans goes down every time you stab/injure/maim/kill humans yourself. Very uncool to hurt April, Connor.

The memorial service is one of our favorite TVD-events. Connor had blood dripping into the holy water to entice all the vampires to show themselves. Elena went up to the front to speak about Pastor Young when April went missing, but she visibly vamped out right before Stefan escorted her back to their seats. Damon was keeping everyone in check, not letting them turn around when they all realized that Connor was trying to trap them. All of this was done by whispers, even though they were all sitting in various parts of the church, which worked really well.

When Stefan escorted Elena back to the pew, Matt asked what was wrong with her, and Stefan informed him that she was hungry because she hadn’t fed and that they couldn’t leave because someone was watching them. At that point, Damon chimed in that he was going to go rip Connor’s head off, but Stefan objected that it would put them all at risk. Damon countered by noting the obvious: that the risk would be diminished when, you know, his head was ripped off.

As part of Matt’s ongoing efforts to redeem himself for turning Elena into a vampire, he allowed her to feed on him in public, noting that everyone would just think she was upset. We somehow doubt that it’s going to be the last time she feeds on poor Matt. He has a lot of penance to pay. Somehow, Elena managed both not to kill Matt despite her intense hunger and to only have a slight dribble of blood going down her chin.

Tyler interrupted the choir to say some words about Pastor Young, which was weird, but Connor shot him, ran outside, and got into a fight with Damon.

When Stefan approached, Connor got into his door-less truck and drove off. Stefan punched Damon instead of helping him up, and when Damon questioned what that was for, Stefan just said, “You know what.” AKA, don’t let my girlfriend feed from you anymore, asshat. Or that’s what we’re guessing he meant anyway. Maybe he’s just tired of Damon running up the electricity bill at their house. Who knows?

Elena found April and almost ate her, but Caroline stopped her and taught her how to compel for the first time—Caroline looked on like a proud big sister. But maybe Elena should have compelled April to know that there was a shooting during the memorial service—that seems like a pretty gaping hole in her memory that could cause problems pretty quickly.

Back at the Grill, Jeremy saw a ghost tattoo on Connor’s arm that no one else can see. Unclear what that is, but we’re sure it will come up again later.

At the Salvatore mansion, Stefan was clearly mad that Elena had lied to him and that she had drunk Damon’s blood. He noted that it might not have meant a lot to her, but that it meant a lot both to him and to Damon that she had drunk Damon’s blood. That’s when Elena noted all the grief that she had experienced, and Stefan came up with a plan to have everyone grieve the insane number of losses they had experienced by lighting Japanese candles. Damon was having none of it though.

Stefan lit his for Uncle Zach, Lexi, and Alaric; Matt for Vicki; Caroline for her dad and Tyler’s dad; Jeremy for his parents, Vicki, Anna, Jenna, and Alaric (such a sad, long list); Bonnie for Grams (twice?); and Elena for her mom and dad, Jenna, everyone that the town had lost, and for herself.

It was just a really beautiful moment, really reminiscent of the scene where they stood outside the tomb where Alaric was going to die last season. These are the scenes that kill us.

But the ones that really and truly did us in was this one: Damon at Alaric’s grave, ranting to Alaric about how he was left to babysit children—stupid, delusional, exasperating little children.

And then, the best thing ever happened: ALARIC SHOWED UP! He’s a ghost obviously, but we got to see Matt Davis again, which made us literally jump up and down and cheer. Damon talked about how the only thing left when someone died was the hole where that person used to be—that and a rock that had a birthday that Damon was mostly sure was wrong.  Damon noted that he should have been long gone—that he didn’t get the girl so he was stuck there fighting with his brother and taking care of the kids, and that Alaric owed him one.

Then, in the best line ever, Alaric just said, “I miss you too, buddy.” Gah, we’re getting teary-eyed just thinking about it again.

Favorite lines:

Caroline, after Stefan and Tyler discussed if it was wise for Tyler to be out in public when the vampire hunter was looking for him: “Also, if he shows his face, I’m going to kick his ass.” Caroline remains awesome.

Stefan, after Damon said, “Jealousy is beneath you, brother:” “Bite me.”

Matt, after Connor asked him what happened to his neck: “My girlfriend went a little overboard.” – Right, Matt, right. Like you’ve had any action in years.

So that’s that, guys. It’s the longest recap in the history of the world, but this show is too good—and this episode was just perfect. Perfection.

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ABC has released pictures from the Grey’s Anatomy episode that’s focused exclusively on Christina and Meredith, which will be aired on Nov. 8th.

Is anyone other than us super tired of seeing them on the iPads?  Maybe the Christina-Meredith “you’re my person” thing has run it’s course, at least a little? 

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The Vampire Diaries: Growing Pains Recap (of sorts)

Sadly, real life has gotten in the way of writing recaps for the past two weeks, but we’re trying to rectify that this weekend, at least for some of our favorite shows.

And we are starting with our favorite: The Vampire Diaries. We’re not going to go through the whole plot of the pilot because it’s been over a week, but we have lots of thoughts.

First of all, we love, love, love, LOVE the new opening. It’s just a great introduction to the show and the characters.

The premiere started with Stefan and Damon informing Elena that she was now a vampire. We’re so glad snarky Damon is back with a vengeance this season, and Nina Dobrev was perfection with the, “Am I…dead?!” line. Stefan’s remorse was obvious just from the look on his face. Paul Wesley conveys an insane amount of emotion with the move of a single muscle on his face.

When Jeremy told Elena that there couldn’t be anything more terrible than her becoming a vampire, it was such a cringe-worthy moment because it was obvious from the get go that she was going to become a vampire. Now Elena has to go about her life (non-life?) knowing that Jeremy couldn’t imagine anything worse. That’s the way to encourage brother-sister bonding, Jeremy.

Michael Trevino rocked his time as Klaus. He was just so Klaus-y. It was amazing. We’re not huge fans of the Tyler character, probably because he’s just been so douchey in earlier seasons, but that definitely doesn’t reflect our feelings about Trevino, at all.

When Sheriff Forbes said that Pastor Young had no idea what he was up against, we just cracked up. Liz, just because Damon, Stefan, and company outsmarted you before you switched allegiances doesn’t really mean that no one can beat them, you know? Some people might actually be smarter than you are. Just saying.

The scene where Elena cracked up at her accidental bridge reference was the only scene where there’s been actual laughter on this show, right? But in typical TVD-fashion, it ended in crying. Of course.

In one of the more talked about scenes from the pilot, Elena remembered the time where Damon brought Elena’s necklace back to her. The show did a great job visualizing how Elena remembered this scene, rather than forcing the audience to try to remember stuff from seasons past. We loved this scene the first time around, but seeing it now after everything that happened with Stefan in season three had a huge impact. Specifically, Damon said, “I love you Elena, and it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you. I don’t deserve you, but my brother does.” But given how selfish/terrible Stefan was to Elena last season, Damon has obviously reconsidered his opinion.

Blonde vampires can’t seem to get a break on this show. Caroline apparently lost all of her vampy senses when she was leaving her house and got caught by the council, and Rebekah was forsaken by her own brother in favor of his crush.

Speaking of Klaus, isn’t it a little hilarious that Caroline figured out that it was really Klaus and not Tyler when they were about to have some hot hybrid-vampire sex because he called her “love” rather than when he told her to take it easy because “wrong time, wrong place, wrong EQUIPMENT?!” People, if anyone ever tells you that they can’t have sex with you because they have the wrong equipment, there are bigger issues at play than whatever pet name they called you, okay?

Bonnie’s plan to die and bring Elena back from The Other Side was completely nonsensical, and the idea that Jeremy would understand the plan with such a basic explanation was even more far-fetched. We love Jeremy, but he’s not the brightest, as we know. It doesn’t make sense to us in part because once Bonnie died to bring Elena back, they should have both been on The Other Side, but yet Bonnie wasn’t visible (even to Elena) and everyone could see Elena. The lines between the physical and spiritual worlds were being crossed in very odd ways.

Claire Holt is amazing as Rebekah. When she said the line about Elena being trapped in the barn “without a drop of human blood in sight,” it was pure gold. Gold!

We seriously and thoroughly adore the idea of Klaus and Caroline together, but if that’s ever going to work, he has to be slightly less horrible to other people too, not just Caroline. For example, threatening to rip out Tyler’s heart just because Bonnie needed to wait a few days and disowning Rebekah for throwing away the last of Elena’s blood is too much bad if we’re going to buy into a relationship with him and Caroline, which we desperately want to do. That being said, Joseph Morgan is so good.

Also, side note, do they have special t-shirts that are easily ripped apart for scenes like the one with Klaus threatening to rip out Tyler’s heart?

The scene between Stefan and Elena when she told him that she chose him and that was the best choice she had ever made was really lovely. Stefan’s “I’m smiling” line was great.

Here’s our biggest complaint with this episode: we feel like we missed out on some things. For example, half of the stuff that Bonnie did was off-camera, including making Elena’s daylight ring and talking with Stefan about figuring out a way to prevent Elena from becoming a vampire. We also would have loved to see Elena after she drank the blood in the cell—to see the first time that the fangs came out, etc. It just felt like we missed out on a major moment of her transition, somehow. We would also have liked to have seen more of Elena’s vamp-antics when she stopped Damon from killing Matt. Moreover, how did they get out of those cells?! That was completely unexplained.

The Damon and Elena scene toward the end was so good. After Elena told him that she remembered everything, including how he met her first, he launched into a speech about how he definitely would have saved her first as he wanted her to have the life that she always wanted—all because he was that selfish. He followed that up by letting her know really clearly that he knew what other incident she remembered. By that, we’re referring to the line where he gave her a look and said, “But you knew that already.”

On the scene with Stefan and Elena were on the roof, they commented on how everything was about to change, but with the council members all being blown up, everything is really just reset to how it was in the beginning: no crazy supernatural theories and legends and ghosts, just a vampire hunter on the way that’s going to put them all on alert. We like the fact that’s that where the show is. It’s a good call on the part of the writers.

A couple of our favorite lines/moments:

Rebekah: Not to make a gray cloud grayer, but does Matt even have automobile insurance? – Maybe he could afford a policy from Safe Auto? Stay legal for cheap, Matt!

Damon’s impaling someone with a shotgun. That was just cool.

Stefan to Matt: What, you thought you were my first choice? – As if, Matt, as if.

Things to wonder about:

What did Pastor Young mean when he said that the council was the beginning?

What impact is it going to have that the entire town’s vervain supply blew up in the fire? We’re guessing that’s going to come around to play a big role in something sometime soon.

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We wish there was some explanation for these pictures from the Oct. 29th episode of How I Met Your Mother, but we just don’t have one.  We know that Barney decides to use a dog as his wingman (and really, isn’t that what every guy with a dog uses it for?), but that’s all we’ve got for you.  

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